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Jim Dandie Feds

In 2014 I was commissioned by a sports memorabilia company to create a series of 1915 Cracker Jack inspired art cards featuring 40 Federal League players who were not included in the original Crack Jack series. The project was part of a planned 2015 promotion to mark the 100th anniversary of the Federal League’s demise in 1915. Six cards into the project, the company abandoned the idea. The cards then collected virtual dust in my virtual attic for nearly three years and somehow escaped being discarded by my virtual mom.

In an effort to empty my vaults at the close of 2016, I decided to issue the cards as a small series of art cards called the Jim Dandie Feds.

While I originally planned to simply release the six original cards as a complete set, I ultimately decided to expand the series slightly so that I might accomplish two main goals:

1. The original six cards represented only four of the nine Federal League teams that existed from 1914 to 1915 and that did not feel right. So I thought it would be fun to expand the series by five cards so that every FL team would be represented by at least one player.
2. The original six cards featured some truly obscure players and that didn’t feel right either as the Federal League employed some bona fide stars. So I decided to create a better balance in the series by using the extra five cards to include some well-known names.

Here is the complete Jim Dandie Feds checklist:

The Original Six from 2014 (these players were not represented in the original Cracker Jack series)

1. Joe Agler: Buffalo Blues
2. Charlie Deal: St. Louis Terriers
3. Howard Ehmke: Buffalo Blues
4. Max Flack: Chicago Whales
5. Mike Menosky: Pittsburgh Rebels
6. Jack Tobin: St. Louis Terriers

Two New Additions from 2016 (these players also were not represented in the original Cracker Jack series)

7. Bill Bradley: Kansas City Packers
8. Jimmy Esmond: Indianapolis Hoosiers*

Three More New Additions (these players were represented in the original Cracker Jack series)

9. Lee Magee: Brooklyn Tip-Tops
10. Edd Roush: Newark Peppers*
11. Chief Bender: Baltimore Terrapins

* The Indianapolis Hoosiers and Newark Peppers were the same club, having relocated from Indianapolis in 1914 to Newark in 1915.

  • The aborted 2014 project was not without its silver lining . . . . the Ars Longa Diamond Heads ’15 series arose rather quickly from its ashes.
  • I will release the Jim Dandie Feds sparingly and infrequently. I anticipate releasing each card in the series only once per year.

  • Size, Weight & Design

    • Dimensions: 2 3/8 ” x 3 1/8
    • Thickness: 24 pts
    • Designed: May, 2014

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    • Last updated: 1/1/2017