Pioneer Portraits II: Series Guide


Card Reverses:

2013 reverse
Green Tint with Border
Issued: 2013
Date Stamp: 2013

2014 reverse
Gray Tint
Issued: 2014
Date Stamp: C.MMXIV

2015 reverse
Red Tint
Issued: 2015
Date Stamp: C.MMXV

Yellow Tint
Issued: 2016
Date Stamp: C.MMXVI

Set Description:


Pioneer Portraits II: 1875-1899

Inspired by studio portraits and carte de visites (CDVs) of the era, the Pioneer Portraits II: 1875-1899 series features portraits of baseball players and executives spanning the era from 1875 to 1899.

Size, Weight & Design:

  • Dimensions: 2″ x 3″
  • Thickness: 24 pts
  • Designed: June, 2013



Most Popular Cards:

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  • Last updated: 4/20/2017