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Chappie Johnson

  • Series: Pioneer Portraits II: 1875-1899
  • City: Chicago
  • Team: Columbia Giants
  • League: Independent

George “Chappie” Johnson (1877-1949) was a popular and talented catcher for the early Negro teams. His playing days ended just as the “Negro Major Leagues” began @1920. Johnson broke color barriers with several teams for whom he could not play but valued his expertise as coach and trainer, especially in spring training.

  • Innovated shin guards at his position
  • Owned and managed several successful teams such as the Dayton Chappies
  • A skilled handler of pitchers, Johnson was a mainstay for many of the top Black clubs

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Hughie Jennings

  • Series: Pioneer Portraits II: 1875-1899
  • City: Baltimore
  • Team: Orioles
  • League: National League
  • Hall: National Baseball Hall of Fame

Hugh Ambrose Jennings (1869-1928) became the premier ML SS for the Orioles in the mid-90s, hitting .401 in ’96. Nearly killed by an Amos Rusie quick-pitch, this survivor returned to be hit 46x in ’96. Irrepressibly good-natured and brilliant, Jennings was an attorney and manager after his playing days, guiding the volcanic Ty Cobb to his phenomenal career.

  • Still holds record for being hit by pitch (287)
  • Is credited with inventing the platoon system
  • Elected to Hall of Fame: 1945

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Frank Jones

  • Series: Pioneer Portraits I: 1850-1874
  • City: Washington, D.C.
  • Team: Nationals
  • League: National Association (NABBP)

Colonel Frank Jones, Cmdr of the 31st NY Regiment, former Excelsior of Brooklyn player, and then Treasury official, was pres. of the Washington Nationals in 1867. He had recruited top NY players such as George Wright to create a powerhouse. Their tour of the West, covered by “Father Henry” Chadwick, brought baseball to the national consciousness.

  • The Nats’ thrashing of Harry Wright’s famed Red Stockings prompted him to build the 1st openly professional team
  • Nats’ only loss on the tour was to Al Spalding’s Forest City club

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Sam Jackson

Second Base
  • Series: Pioneer Portraits I: 1850-1874
  • City: Boston
  • Team: Red Stockings (NAPBBP)
  • League: National Association (NAPBBP)

Samuel Jackson (1849-1930) was a native of Ripon, England who came to America and spent two years in his early 20s playing second base – for the Boston Red Stockings in 1871 and the Brooklyn Atlantics in 1872. The modest hitter compiled a .216 average with 11 RBI and 17 runs scored. Sam was unsuccessful in his only attempted stolen base. Afield, Jackson struggled as well, committing 19 errors in 100 chances.

  • Jackson fared better in amateur ball and got noticed by the Cincinnati Chronicle for a great catch in left field for his Rochester Alerts in a contest with the vaunted Red Stockings on Sep 6, 1869
  • Sam also played for the Flower Citys in Rochester in 1871 as the game was on the cusp of professionalism

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