Chalmers Award Winners

Chalmers Award Winners

Introduced: December, 2016

Chalmers Award Winners Challenge: Collect these seven Ars Longa Art Cards featuring winners of the Chalmers Award.


Larry Doyle
New York Giants
1912 NL Winner

Tris Speaker
Boston Red Sox
1912 AL Winner

Jake Daubert
Brooklyn Superbas
1913 NL Winner

Ty Cobb
Detroit Tigers
1911 AL Winner

Walter Johnson
Washington Senators
1913 AL Winner

Eddie Collins
Philadelphia Athletics
1914 AL Winner

Johnny Evers
Boston Braves
1914 NL Winner

Chalmers Award Winners: A Brief History


  • Ty Cobb, 1911 AL
  • Wildfire Schulte, 1911 NL
  • Tris Speaker, 1912 AL
  • Larry Doyle, 1912 NL
  • Walter Johnson, 1913 AL
  • Jake Daubert, 1913 NL
  • Eddie Collins, 1914 AL
  • Johnny Evers, 1914 NL

For a fantastic overview on the history of the Chalmers Award, please read the Ars Longa Guest Blog on the Chalmers Award by Van Nightingale:



Chalmers Award Winners: Your Rewards


Reward 1: One free card from the current Ars Longa Redemption Series

Reward 2: One free exclusive Diamond Heads ’15 card of Frank “Wildfire” Schulte, winner of the 1911 NL Chalmers Award, but for whom no previous Ars Longa Art Card exists


This Frank “Wildfire” Schulte card was created specifically as a reward for this challenge. The card is unavailable otherwise.


Reward 3: Your chosen inscription to be displayed on a virtual Loving Cup below (optional)