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Mickey Hughes

  • Series: Pioneer Portraits II: 1875-1899
  • City: Brooklyn
  • Team: Bridegrooms
  • League: American Association

Michael J. Hughes (1866-1931) got 25 of his three-year career total 39 wins for the Brooklyn Bridegrooms in his rookie season, 1888. That performance earned Hughes the opening day start for Brooklyn in 1889 but he fell to a lackluster 9-8 record that year. Hughes was traded to the Athletics in 1890, finishing his brief ML tenure going 1-3 in six games.

  • In Brooklyn’s final year in the American Association, Hughes went 1-0 in the 1889 Series against the NY Giants, won by NY 6 games to 3

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Dave Foutz

  • Series: Pioneer Portraits II: 1875-1899
  • City: Brooklyn
  • Team: Grooms
  • League: National League

David Luther Foutz (1856-1897) compiled the 2nd highest winning % of all time (.690) for the St. Louis Browns & Brooklyn Bridegrooms over a 13 year career. A fine batsman, he hit .357 for Brooklyn in ’87 & won 25 games on the mound. Foutz was so highly prized that Browns’ owner Chris Von der Ahe bought the Bay City, MI franchise to get him.

  • Was sold to the Bridegrooms in 1888 for $13.5k, then led Brooklyn to pennants in ’89 & ‘90
  • Ended his career as player-manager for the Bridegrooms from 1893-1896
  • Forced to retire due to ill health, Foutz succumbed to asthma at the age of 40

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Bill Bergen

  • Series: Pilgrims
  • City: Brooklyn
  • Team: Superbas
  • League: National League

William Aloysius Bergen (1878-1943) spent 11 years in the majors carving out a special spot in the record books: worst hitter of all time. No one with more than 2500 ABs ever went lower than Bergen’s .170 lifetime average. And it wasn’t even close. Pitcher Pud Galvin is next at 201.

  • Bergen’s two career HRs were inside-the-park
  • Until Mark Lemke in 1997, no one surpassed Bergen’s record of not being hit-by-pitch in 3228 ABs
  • Bergen played 11 years because he was one of the game’s best defensive catchers

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T201 Mecca Canvas: Bill Bergen

Joe Start

First Base
  • Series: Pioneer Portraits I: 1850-1874
  • City: Brooklyn
  • Team: Atlantics
  • League: National Association (NABBP)

Joseph Start’s (1842-1927) baseball career spanned the early days of the game before the Civil War and included two NL titles with the Providence Grays. Start was a premier first baseman beginning with the Enterprise of Brooklyn and the Atlantics (1860-71) and extending to the NA Mutuals (1871-76) and several NL teams, well-earning his nickname, Old Reliable.

  • Best year was ’78 with the Chicago White Stockings, leading the league with 100 hits and 125 total bases
  • Playing exclusively in the “no-glove” era, his .963 fielding % at first base over 16 seasons is remarkable

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Fraley Rogers

  • Series: Pioneer Portraits I: 1850-1874
  • City: Brooklyn
  • Team: Star of Brooklyn
  • League: National Association (NABBP)

Fraley W. Rogers (1850-1881) played at the cusp of the professional era, mostly with the Star of Brooklyn in the old Nat’l Assoc of Base Ball Players. Played the ’72 (championship) season for the Boston Red Stockings, compiling a decent .276 average in RF. Sadly, Rogers is the earliest known professional ball player to take his own life, by gunshot at age 30.

  • The Star of Brooklyn was a breeding ground for talent in the 1860s
  • ’72 marked the end of the “Knickerbocker Era” and the start of professional ball
  • Fraley’s brother Mort Rogers was a National Association umpire who innovated the Mort Rogers’ Scorecards that inspired this series of Pioneer Portraits

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