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Harry McCormick

  • Series: Pioneer Portraits II: 1875-1899
  • City: Syracuse
  • Team: Stars (NL)
  • League: National League

Patrick Henry McCormick (1855-1889) was a pitcher for the Syracuse Stars, Worcester Ruby Legs, and Cincinnati Red Stockings from 1879-83. His record of 41-58 belied his fine ERA of 2.66. On 7/26/79 Harry hit a 1st inning HR and then shut out Boston 1-0, a feat that will likely never be duplicated.

  • That home run was the only one of his brief career
  • McCormick died in his hometown of Syracuse at age 33

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Grover Alexander

  • Series: Pilgrims
  • City: Syracuse
  • Team: Stars (NYSL)
  • League: New York State League
  • Hall: National Baseball Hall of Fame

Grover Cleveland Alexander (1887-1950) earned his plaque in the Hall of Fame on the strength of his strong right arm and an indomitable spirit. The battered WWI vet fought German mustard gas, epilepsy-inducing artillery, PTSD-induced alcoholism, and opposing hitters, all with honor and distinction. It is impossible to know the record he would have achieved but for the interruption of the war.

  • Led the NL in ERA: 1915, ‘16, ‘17, ‘19, and ‘20
  • Led GIs into battle in 1918
  • Named after President Grover Cleveland, was sometimes referred to as Alexander the Great orOld Pete, but friends and family called him Dode.
  • Said of his induction into the HOF: “the greatest treat and one of the biggest thrills” of his life
  • Elected to Hall of Fame: 1938

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