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Vean Gregg

  • Series: Pilgrims
  • City: Portland
  • Team: Beavers
  • League: Pacific Coast League

Sylveanus Augustus Gregg (1885-1964) took the Pacific Coast League by storm in 1910, hurling 14 shutouts for Portland, never bettered in the PCL. Signed to the Cleveland Naps the next year, Gregg led the AL in ERA at 1.80 and went on to become the only 20th century pitcher to win 20+ his first three seasons in the majors. He remains the franchise leader in winning percentage. Dealt to the Red Sox in 1914, Gregg’s arm wore out. He got the thrill of playing for the two championship teams in ‘15-16 but was soon out of the game entirely until making a comeback with Seattle. At age 40, Vean made a remarkable final appearance in the big leagues, going 2-2 with two saves for the Senators in 1925 following a six-year absence.

  • The southpaw made quite an impression in his rookie year at Cleveland. Hal Chase, Ty Cobb and HOF ump Billy Evans all thought he was the best lefty they had seen
  • Played among the greats at Cleveland: Lajoie, Joss, Cy Young and was helped in 1911 by Joe Jackson’s .408 average

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