Wrigley Roster Jenga: Wild Bill Hutchinson

Here’s a blog post about the Ars Longa Beginnings: 1880’s card for Wild Bill Hutchinson by Wrigley Roster Jenga, a blog that chronicles one man’s quest to collect the Cubs . . . all the Cubs!

Anthony Burbatt is a dedicated collector of Cubs’ baseball cards and I am thrilled that an Ars Longa card has found a home in his ambitious collection. As of 4/22/2014, Mr. Burbatt is apparently 62% of the way towards collecting at least one card of every man who has ever worn a Cubs’ uniform. That’s impressive.

Check it out here.

In case you are unfamiliar with the history of the Chicago Cubs and are wondering why Anthony would purchase a card of a player from the Chicago White Stockings, here is the timeline for name changes for the Cubbies:

Chicago White Stockings: 1876-1889
Chicago Colts: 1890-1897
Chicago Orphans: 1898-1902
Chicago Cubs: 1903-present