Billy Serad

  • Card series: Beginnings: 1880's
  • City: Cincinnati
  • Team: Red Stockings (AA)
  • League: American Association

William I. Serad (1863-1925) pitched for two major-league teams, the Buffalo Bisons and Cincinnati Reds, from 1884-88. His entire time in pro ball included seven teams over eight years. His performance in the minors was consistently better, earning him chances where he failed to rise above mediocrity, attested by his ML 35-55, 4.13 ERA record. Billy surrendered 34 HRs and was particularly victimized by Anson’s White Stockings who jumped on 15 of his offerings. He appears to have been plagued by nerves, in evidence during his debut when he walked 3 and scored 2 on wild pitches in the first inning. As a weak hitter, the manager had nowhere else to put him until he could settle down. Unlike better-hitting pitchers, Billy had to make it solely on his mound prowess which didn’t quite measure up.

  • Billy wasn’t a total failure by any means. In his rookie year he won 16 of the Bisons’ 62 victories en route to a third-place finish

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