Charlie Bennett

  • Card series: Beginnings: 1880's
  • City: Detroit
  • Team: Wolverines
  • League: National League

Charles Wesley Bennett (1854-1927) was one of the premier catchers of the 19th century. He played 15 years from 1878 to 1893, briefly for the Milwaukee Grays and Worcester Ruby Legs before joining the Detroit Wolverines. Charlie played all seven years of that club’s history in the NL before concluding his tenure with the Boston Beaneaters his final five seasons. Starring for four pennant-winners, Bennett set defensive records in fielding percentage (seven times), putouts, double plays and games behind the plate and was an excellent hitter. His career ended tragically in 1894 when he lost both legs in a Kansas train accident. The beloved backstop was honored by his Motor City admirers when the Tigers’ new stadium was named Bennett Park in 1896.

  • Credited with developing the first chest-protector – a cork-lined vest worn under his uniform
  • Played in two pre-World Series title matches: Detroit in ’87 and Boston in ‘92
  • This image is not known to exist in the Old Judge series. The photo was taken during the Tomlinson Studio photoshoot of 1886 in Detroit. However, the one known OJ Bennett image was taken during the same photoshoot.

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