Charlie Buffinton

  • Card series: Beginnings: 1880's
  • City: Philadelphia
  • Team: Quakers
  • League: National League

Charles G. Buffinton (1861-1907) was one of the most accomplished hurlers of his era; his sinker befuddling batters as it dove into the dirt. The Fall River native helped lead his Beaneaters to the title in 1883, ably supporting Grasshopper Whitney. The two combined for 62 of the team’s 63 victories. The following year was one of the most remarkable in baseball history and Charlie was one of its heroes, joining six others in shattering the previous strikeout record. Buffinton’s 17 Ks in a game remains the Braves franchise record. Boston’s try for a repeat championship died at the strong right hand of Old Hoss Radbourn who carried the Providence Grays with his mind-boggling 59 wins to Charlie’s 48. He went on to win 20+ seven times. His 233-152 lifetime record still ranks him 63rd in wins all-time. Typical of the era, Buffinton finished his own starts, an eye-popping 351 times out of 396. Only eight other pitchers of the 19th century exceeded his strikeout total.

  • The New York World published a feature in 1886 “How Men Pitch a Base-Ball” and Buffinton was a prominent subject for the speed he attained from “but little effort”

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