Farmer Weaver

  • Card series: Beginnings: 1880's
  • City: Louisville
  • Team: Colonels
  • League: American Association

William B. Weaver (1865-1943) was a proficient outfielder, steady hitter and all-around player who could catch when needed. Possessing keen baseball acumen, Weaver’s major league tenure lasted from 1888 to 1894 where he produced a solid .278 average. Earned a second nickname “Buck” in comparison to Buck Ewing in recognition of his prowess with the bat in his Texas League debut. Signed by Louisville, Weaver quickly impressed with his fine hitting and as a “splendid fielder and base-runner.” He experienced incredible highs and lows on field and off: in 1889 the team became first to lose 100 games, but next year won the pennant; then became one of a handful of major leaguers to go to prison for fathering a child with a minor, but lead prison teams to such accomplishments as to earn an early release.

  • Recorded two once-in-a-century entries in the annals: only player until 1989 to lead league in fielding %, POs and assists; and went 6-for-6 hitting the cycle, not done again until 2009
  • Shares a strange link with the other Buck Weaver of Chicago “Black Sox” infamy by coaching his integrated KS prison team – officially known as the Black Sox

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