Jerry Denny

Third Base
  • Card series: Beginnings: 1880's
  • City: Indianapolis
  • Team: Hoosiers (NL)
  • League: National League

Jeremiah Dennis Denny (1859-1927) was a rare ambidextrous third baseman who played professionally for over 20 years, 13 in the majors. He was the last position player to play his entire career without a glove, which would have hindered his ability to use his left hand when the play required. Denny broke in with the Providence Grays and led them to the first inter-league post-season tournament championship as the NL beat the AA in 1884. Jerry teamed with Arthur Irwin at short to create a formidable combination on the left side. He won the first-ever “series” game with a three-run homer off Tim Keefe of the Metropolitans. Providence closed down and Jerry moved to the Maroons in St. Louis for a year and then on to Indianapolis when the team relocated. A reliable batter with good power, Denny compiled a .260 career average and 74 HRs.

  • Holds the MLB record for chances by a third baseman in a game: 16 on 8/17/82
  • Denny was a pseudonym, adopted while in college in Phoenix to mask his semi-pro forays that were barred to amateurs. His birth name was Eldridge

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