Pop Corkhill

  • Card series: Beginnings: 1880's
  • City: Cincinnati
  • Team: Red Stockings (AA)
  • League: American Association

John Stewart Corkhill (1858-1921) was an excellent fielder who found steady work in the outfields of the Red Stockings and Bridegrooms from 1883-90. Pop was still in demand and played out his career in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh before a beanball served up by Ed Crane prompted the veteran to hang ‘em up in 1892. Corkhill led the league in fielding several times, twice with his first club in Cincinnati and twice in Brooklyn where he played for pennant-winners in ‘89 (NL) and ‘90 (AA). A clutch hitter, Pop drove in 97/97/93 during a fine stretch from 1886-88. Proving his versatility, Corkhill made relief appearances in five seasons. He recorded two saves in an era not known for bullpen assistance.

  • Corkhill was acquired by Brooklyn late in the ‘88 season along with the notoriously voluble Oyster Burns as owner Charles Byrne assembled a powerful squad
  • Pop’s NY Times obituary noted that he had established a record with Cincinnati, playing three consecutive years without dropping a fly ball
  • Corkhill passed away at home following surgery. It is unknown whether this was related to his career-ending injury

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