Toad Ramsey

  • Card series: Beginnings: 1880's
  • City: Louisville
  • Team: Colonels
  • League: American Association

Thomas H. Ramsey (1864-1906). Toad pitched for the Louisville Colonels and St. Louis Browns from 1885-1890. In his rookie season, Ramsey only managed 66 complete games out of 67 starts! His 499 strikeouts that year still stand as the second-most all-time. His career flamed out after two stellar seasons, but Toad Ramsey left records that seem unthinkable today.

  • Credited with inventing the knuckleball thanks to a severed tendon in his left index finger
  • Died at age 41 of pneumonia in his hometown of Indianapolis
  • Ramsey’s uniform color on this card was changed in February, 2017 from black to maroon to reflect recent reliable research by Craig Brown & friends at Threads of Our Game. Nine cards had been previously released featuring a black uniform.

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