Tom Brown

  • Card series: Beginnings: 1880's
  • City: Boston
  • Team: Beaneaters
  • League: National League

Thomas Tarlton Brown (1860-1927) began a long career in MLB with the Baltimore Orioles in 1882. The young Englishman would go on to roam the outfields of ten franchises, ending with the NL’s Senators in 1898. Tom hit his stride with Boston’s Beaneaters and Reds. With the latter, he starred for a rare team to win pennants back-to-back in two leagues, as the Reds captured the Players’ League title in 1890 and the American Association flag in ’91. The fleet-footed Brown covered a lot of ground in the outfield, perhaps too much. He holds the MLB record for 490 OF errors, far more than the records in the AL and NL. His speed paid dividends on the bases as Tom led the league twice in steals, compiling a career total of 657.

  • Selected for A.G. Spalding’s “World Tour” taking baseball global on an 1888 trip to Europe/Africa
  • Enjoyed a career season in ’91, leading the AA in triples (21), SBs (106), hits (189) & runs (177)
  • Is considered to have been part of the innovation of the platoon system with the ‘87 Indianapolis Hoosiers, paired with Gid Gardner

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