Tug Wilson

  • Card series: Beginnings: 1880's
  • City: Omaha
  • Team: Omahogs
  • League: Western Association

George Archer Wilson (1860-1914) was Brooklyn all the way; born, bred and buried in the beloved borough. So it was fitting that when young Tugembarked on his chosen profession in 1884, he began at the top, with the hometown Atlantics of the American Association. He got into 24 games as a catcher/outfielder and hit what was a very respectable .232 for a backstop in that era. Thereafter, Tug was a stalwart in the heartland of the sport – its minor leagues. He never again saw a big league diamond, but he did see the country. His career lasted through the 1896 season and took him from New Jersey to New England, from Oshkosh to Omaha, from the Northwestern League to the Southern Association. After being an Atlantic he was a Clamdigger, a Domestic, a Giant, a Lamb, a Mountaineer and a Nutmeg. He was a Bingo, a Star, a Bluebird, a Brown and a Cracker. What a collection of uniforms! Tug concluded his pro career in the Virginia League as a Portsmouth Brown. As he was in the twilight of his playing days, he teamed there with about a dozen youngsters who would go on to the majors. It is likely they all heard the stories of how it was back in the day, in Brooklyn.

  • The ’84 Atlantics were named by owner Charles Byrne for the old Nat’l Assoc Brooklyn franchise. The new team struggled to a ninth place finish
  • Tug Wilson did not appear in the Old Judge series. However, this image is taken from an Old Judge proof suggesting that OJ either had intentions of including Wilson or this image represents an as-of-yet undiscovered player & pose.

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