Hank Gowdy

  • Card series: Diamond Heads '15
  • City: Boston
  • Team: Braves
  • League: National League

Henry Morgan Gowdy (1889-1966) made his name on the ball field and his fame on the battlefield. A catcher and first baseman, Gowdy debuted with the Giants in 1910, getting into a few games over his first four seasons before claiming the starting catcher’s job with the Boston Braves in 1914. He became a key contributor to that “miracle” season as his team achieved a first: winning it all following their last-place finish in ‘13. This was far from the only “first” in Gowdy’s distinguished life and career. He would go on to become the first major leaguer to enlist in World War I, return a hero and tour the country relating his wartime experiences and then return to Boston. After a playing career spanning three decades, Gowdy would then sign up as a captain in WWII, the only player to serve in both conflicts. Again, Hank returned to the game he loved as a coach with Cincinnati, finally retiring in 1948.

  • Having starred in the ‘14 Series, Gowdy played the goat when his error led to the Giants’ heartbreak loss to the Senators in 1924
  • Another “record” for this great American player/warrior: received votes for induction to the HOF 17 times without success, exceeded only by Edd Roush who finally made it in

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