Johnny Evers

Second Base
  • Card series: Diamond Heads '15
  • City: Boston
  • Team: Braves
  • League: National League
  • Hall: National Baseball Hall of Fame

John Joseph Evers (1881-1947) was immortalized as the pivot man with Joe Tinker and Frank Chance in the most famous double-play combo of all time. Evers was a good-hitting, slick-fielding 2nd baseman, winning World Series with the Cubs and Braves. A fiery-tempered man, Evers was said to have had more impact on a team than any at his position.

  • The quintessential “small ball” player, Evers excelled in bunts, steals and heads-up play
  • Saved a pennant race for Chicago by calling ump’s attention to Fred Merkle’s “Boner”
  • Elected to Hall of Fame: 1946

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