Sherry Magee

  • Card series: Pilgrims
  • City: Philadelphia
  • Team: Phillies
  • League: National League

Sherwood Robert Magee (1884-1929) was a brawling rogue and one of the best outfielders in Philadelphia history. Fans with long memories smiled when this man who had once been suspended for cold-cocking an ump turned to officiating games upon his retirement as a player. Magee began a decade-long streak as the Phillies’ left fielder as a 19-year-old rookie. He had great years at the plate but none better than in 1910, the year before he knocked out Bill Finneran and suffered the worst sanction dealt by the NL since 1877. In ’10 Sherry bested even Honus Wagner, winning the NL batting title and leading in runs and RBI.

  • Magee played minor league ball until age 40, then turned to umpiring. The NL put him under close watch due to his prior history but he established himself as a fine arbiter
  • Struck down by pneumonia at 44, Magee was lauded in the press as “one of baseball’s most colorful figures,” and “one of the greatest natural batsmen in the game”

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