Slim Sallee

  • Card series: Pilgrims
  • City: St. Louis
  • Team: Cardinals
  • League: National League

Harry F. Sallee (1885-1950) set pitching marks for St. Louis that still rank him among the best in franchise history. He debuted with the Cards in ’08 and stayed into the ’16 season. His 2.67 ERA places him 3rd all-time for a club that has seen its share of stars. HOF catcher Roger Bresnahan said Sallee had “the best control of any southpaw that ever curved a ball over the plate.” Unfortunately, Slim had much less control in his personal life, witnessed by a stream of rule violations, fines, suspensions & other turmoil. It could not have helped that this star labored for an exceptionally weak team most years, as the Cards were routinely worst or near-worst in fielding & hitting (in a doubleheader with the Reds in ’08, St. Louis committed 17 errors).

  • In ’13, Sallee won 19 of the club’s 51 victories while getting little support.
  • Sallee’s finest hour, helping Cincinnati to the world championship in ’19, would be tarnished by the Black Sox scandal

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