Jack Sharrott

  • Card series: Pioneer Portraits II: 1875-1899
  • City: New York
  • Team: Giants
  • League: National League

John Henry Sharrott (1869-1927) debuted in professional ball at the top, with the New York Giants in 1890, winning 11 games. In ‘93 Jack moved to the Phillies where he ended his ML tenure going 4-2. He won 20 games in his four years with a respectable 3.12 ERA before turning to the minors and a managerial career. He led the Bangor team in 1894-95 and came back with the Ilion Typewriters (no kidding) in 1904 before ending his pro experience in Wilkes-Barre, also of the NY State League, in 1905-06. Jack was a spot starter in the outfield for various minor league teams where he compiled a .300 average in nine seasons. His best year was with the Bangor Millionaires (so ahead of their time) in 1894 where he hit .328 with ten HRs.

  • Jack relieved old friend Jack Taylor in a Philadelphia/Brooklyn contest on July 27, 1893. A rookie came to bat and singled. The kid was George Sharrott and the writers were abuzz with the story of a first: “Brother gets a hit against brother in MLB debut.” Unfortunately, George was Jack’s cousin so the “record” lost some of its shine

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